Setup Dinpay Plugin for Magento Sites

Once your Dinpay Account is Setup, you are ready to install the DinPay plugin into your Magento Site.

If you have not already purchased the appropriate plugin, please buy it from HERE before proceeding.

  1. Download the App files, and save them to your computer.
    Next, you will need to upload the App file to your  Magento2 root directory using CPanel or FTP.
  2. After the successful move need to run the following command on the Magento2 root directory using Putty or other Shell Access –
    “php bin/magento setup:upgrade”
  3. Next run this commands in the Magento2 Root-
    “php bin/magento setup:di:compile”
  4. Also, run this commands in the Magento2 Root-
    “php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy”
  5. Login to your Magento Admin, and go to Stores > Configuration then under SALES > Payment Methods you will see the section for your DDPay Plugin
  6. Set “Enabled” to  Yes”
  7. Title will be the payment option listed to your customers
  8. Merchant Code should be your DinPay Merchant ID
  9. Sing Type: should be set to RSA-S unless otherwise informed by DinPay
  10. Your Keys were generated during the Account Setup process, if you have not done this, please see instructions HERE
  11. Select your New Order Status
  12. You can leave “Debug” to Yes.
  13. Save your Configuration and then clear cache
    Magento Admin >> System >> Cache Management
  14. Run a test product > You should see a the Dinpay payment option in checkout.