DinPay Account Setup

In order to enable DinPay payment methods on your site, you will first need to establish a merchant account with DinPay. You can learn more about DinPay Services through us here.

Once you have an account, you need to sign in here:

You will need to download an security application and install it on your computer in order to login.


Once you login, you will need to:

  1. First, make sure your account is fully verified: Go to MERCHANT PROFILE.Make sure your Basic Info, Contact Info (mobile number), and Bank Info is all VERIFIED.
  2. In Your Dinpay Account click the button in the top-right for Service Request.
  3. Select the Adding Binding Domains from the service type.
  4. Add your the domain name in the “Remark” area, and click “Submit”.
  5. Entire process required to get approval from the management, approximately 24 hours.  You will be notified of application approval by a notification in the top menu.
  6. Download the correct Key according to your account on from Payment Method > Interface Download:For example, if you have a B2C Account with DinPay, you will download the B2C Payment API
  7. Save the file directly to your D: drive (do not put it into a folder).
  8. UNZIP the files, and open the folder: for example “b2c > english”
  9. UNZIP the folder “tools for getting keys”, and read the “how to get the keys” PDF
    This requires using the RUN application to open command prompt.
    You will need to Cut & Paste the script provided in the PDF into cmd and press ENTER twice.
  10. In your folder > b2c > english > openssl > bin, you will now find files for “b2c_merchant_private_key” and “b2c_merchant_private_key”
    You will need these keys for the next steps.
  11. In your DinPay account, in the left-menu go to Payment Management > Public Key Management
    Click “Update merchant public key”
  12. You will need to get your Merchant Public Key from Step 10 and cut/paste it into the fields provided.
    IMPORTANT: DO NOT INCLUDE THE “—–BEGIN PUBLIC KEY—–” and “—–END PUBLIC KEY—–” in these fields!!!
  13. Next, click the button for “Verification Code”, and you will receive an SMS to the Mobile No. provided, which will contain a Verification Code. You have 1 minute to complete this, so you will need to move quickly to click “Submit” and complete the process
  14. Now, you will be shown the DINPAY Public Key. You will use this for your plugin settings in the next step.
  15. Now you’re account should be ready to go… let’s move onto the next step > Installing Plugins.
    You will need to purchase the appropriate plugin from our Store Here